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AKU is the new technical partner of the Eagles of San Martino di Castrozza

Rifugio Pale di San Martino

The historic group of Trentino mountain guides chooses AKU 's range of mountaineering products as footwear for their activity in the Dolomites. A collaboration that confirms the interest in the AKU brand by the best professionals working in the mountains . Alpine guides, rescuers and refugee managers with long experience in the cult places of Dolomite mountaineering, the Aquile di San Martino have established an agreement with the company based on the testing and technical verification of the range of mountaineering and on a common commitment to promoting a conscious and responsible approach towards the mountains.

The official presentation of the partnership is scheduled for Monday 27 May 2024 at 11 am at Piazza IOG, as part of the Outdoor & Running Business Days fair taking place in Riva del Garda (26-27 May 2024), AKU.

On this occasion, the "Gocce di Montagna" project conceived by AKU and the "Aquile" with the collaboration of the ApT San Martino di Castrozza, Passo Rolle, Primiero and Vanoi will be illustrated in detail, in order to undertake information actions regarding the use of the water resource , a primary good in alpine refuges and high mountains. Outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, ski mountaineering, canyoning, can become fertile ground and catalyst for environmental awareness and to promote a sustainable approach to active life. In particular, the mountains speak to us about two urgently current issues: climate change and overtourism.

Alpine guides are among the mountain professionals who deal daily with the effects of climate warming and tourist pressure and, more than others, feel the need to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment, modifying programs and activities. Among the tasks of the work of mountain guides, the activities linked to information, awareness and culture of the mountains today take on a value equal to the commitment necessary to guarantee maximum safety for their customers. Starting from the upcoming summer season, the "Aquile" mountain guides of San Martino di Castrozza and Primiero will be further committed to informing and raising awareness among mountaineers and hikers about the conscious use of water in the mountains. Each guide will give their clients the Alpine Guide Booklet, a handy booklet that contains information on good practices for the use of water in the refuge and, completely similar to the original notebook that certified the work of the guides, will contain the personal profile of the guides and a series of blank pages on which guides and customers can write down their thoughts as a souvenir of the excursion.

Through the organization of the "Gocce di Montagna" project, AKU wishes to confirm its responsible commitment to the search for a constant balance between man and the natural environment, with particular reference to the mountain environment; also in full harmony with the initiatives undertaken by the ApT at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, whose territory, not surprisingly since 2022, has become part of "Alpine Pearls", the European circuit that brings together 19 localities in the Alps committed to propose eco-friendly holidays.