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calzature made in italy

Courage, passion for your work and confidence in the future.

For AKU this means new investments in the historic headquarters in Montebelluna , the place that saw the birth of the AKU brand. The objective is to give continuity to the development process of the company already among the main protagonists on the international markets. Since October 2023, now in full operation, a new production line with an investment of 1.3 million euros for a latest generation machine that expands the company's operational and diversification capacity. A project developed in partnership with STEMMA , a company from Cornuda (TV), one of the world leaders in the production of polyurethane molding machines in the footwear industry. The new line for outdoor and professional footwear built with the injection technique puts AKU in a position to make the Made in Italy production activity on this type of product efficient at the highest levels , laying the foundations for new market developments.

We have chosen to invest in Made in Italy ” explains Paolo Bordin, CEO of AKU ITALIA “because we continue to believe in the value of our manufacturing tradition and local resources, both at the product and supplier level and it was therefore natural to turn to COAT OF ARMS".
“We are grateful to AKU for the renewed trust in our company and for a collaboration that has lasted for over 20 years” declared Stefano Pellizzari, CEO of STEMMA .
A partnership centered on Made in Italy, which continues to represent one of the fundamental strategic objectives for AKU. A strategy that has allowed the company to position itself among the reference brands in the outdoor market , with the offer of high quality mountain footwear, but with an increasingly important role also in the sector of defense supplies and , from today, also in that of safety at work. The latter are two development fronts, which the company intends to promote by focusing on Made in Italy, creating excellent products in the historic headquarters in Montebelluna where the design and development of all AKU modeling has always taken place.

Go to the VIDEO and see the new AKU production.