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Cimbra GTX



921 - 082 Orange-Blue



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Attività consigliate:

  • Anti-taglio - Antinfortunistica S3


Professional footwear specifically for forestry work, Cimbra GTX represents the new standard for PPE footwear in the synthesis of comfort and safety. The AKU ELICA NATURAL STRIDE SYSTEM handcrafted construction reproduces the natural plantar anatomy to favour balance, stability and less fatigue during prolonged use. The protective aluminium toe-cap with large volume offers more space and reduces the risk of pressure at the frontal flexion point at the forefoot. The legendary VIBRAM FOURÀ sole with exclusive AKU dual density wedge provides ideal grip on a variety of surfaces and superior cushioning on hard, uneven terrain. The high-quality Perwanger suede upper, combined with a Gore-Tex membrane, provides waterproofing and an excellent level of breathability even in warm weather. Cimbra GTX is certified according to EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 - HI - CI - WR - HRO - SRC and EN ISO 17249:2013+AC:2014 - LEVEL3.


Upper: suede perwanger 2.6 mm
upper protection: rubber rand
lining description: gore-tex® more seasons, waterproof and breathable
cut resistant insert: aramid fibres, ultra high molecolar weight pe
outsole: vibram® fourà anti-static, anti slip, oils and hydrocarbons resistant
midsole: double density pu with high energy absorption capacity
lasting board (stifness): rigid – polypropylene combined with fiberglass 6-4mm + puncture proof insert
footbed: antistatic eva
weight (gr. ½ pair): 1200
range (uk): 4.5 - 13


The traceability of the raw materials used to manufacture our footwear is disclosed here.
This list indicates where the components for our footwear are made.
For certain models, the sourcing of the synthetic upper material may vary depending on the colour versions.
As certain component groups consist of several parts, multiple country codes may be indicated.

This footwear is manufactured in Europe.

Synthetic Upper Material: ITA
Leather: ITA
Rubber Rand: ITA
Synthetic Lining Material: CHN, ESP, ITA, USA
Outsole: ITA
Lasting Board: ITA
Footbed: ESP
Laces: ITA
Toe Cap: ITA
Heel Counter: GBR
Upper's Glue: DEU, ITA
Glue for Lasting Process: DEU, ITA
Padding Materials: ITA
Reinforcement Materials: ITA
Metallic parts: ITA
Special Metallic Parts: ITA
Ribbons and Webbings: ITA
Yarns: ITA
Box: ITA
Hangtags: CHN, ITA, KOR
Packaging Material: ITA
Others: ROU
AKU - Scarponi da lavoro - Cimbra GTX Arancio-Blu
Cimbra GTX Arancio-Blu

Calzatura professionale specifica per lavori forestali, Cimbra GTX rappresenta il nuovo standard per calzature DPI nella sintesi fra comfort e sicurezza. La costruzione artigianale su forma anatomica AKU ELICA NATURAL STRIDE SYSTEM riproduce la naturale anatomia plantare per favorire equilibrio, stabilità e un minor affaticamento nell'utilizzo prolungato. Il puntale protettivo in alluminio con ampio volume offre maggiore spazio e riduce il rischio di pressione nel punto di flessione frontale in corrispondenza dell'avanpiede. La leggendaria suola VIBRAM FOURA con zeppa esclusiva AKU a doppio livello di densità garantisce una tenuta ideale sulle diverse superfici e un livello di ammortizzazione superiore sui terreni duri e irregolari. La tomaia in pelle scamosciata Perwanger di alta qualità , combinata con membrana Gore-Tex, fornisce impermeabilità ed un ottimo livello di traspirazione anche con clima caldo. Certificata secondo la norma EN ISO 17249:2013+AC:2014 e allineato ai requisiti supplementari richiesti dalla norma EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 - HI - CI - WR - HRO – SRA


  • UK 4½,EU 37½
  • UK 5,EU 38
  • UK 5½,EU 39
  • UK 6,EU 39½
  • UK 6½,EU 40
  • UK 7,EU 41
  • UK 7½,EU 41½
  • UK 8,EU 42
  • UK 8½,EU 42½
  • UK 9,EU 43
  • UK 9½,EU 44
  • UK 10,EU 44½
  • UK 10½,EU 45
  • UK 11,EU 46
  • UK 11½,EU 46½
  • UK 12,EU 47
  • UK 12½,EU 47½
  • UK 13,EU 48
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