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Falegnami ad alta quota

For work on high-altitude construction sites, Giovanni and Paolo Curzel, protagonists of the television program Falegnami ad Alta Quota , have chosen the comfort of AKU. A choice that has also been extended to the entire team starting from the last season of the successful broadcast starting from March 20th on DMAX channel 52 of digital terrestrial.

A decision, that of the Curzel team, which is based on the importance of putting on the feet of professionals footwear designed and produced by a company specialized for over 40 years in the production of high quality mountain shoes, with an undisputed record regarding wearing comfort, a basic requirement for safety.

Collaborating with professionals working in the mountains has always been one of the key points in the development strategy of AKU footwear, whether we are talking about models for mountaineering, dedicated to the world of guides or mountain rescue, or whether it is a question of satisfying the needs of professional users in various work environments in contact with the natural environment.

In consideration of the particular environmental conditions in which their high-altitude construction sites are set up, the Curzel team has chosen to work with light and high-performance models, born in the mountaineering collection, ideal for moving with agility and safety inside and outside the construction site, both on the ground and in delicate operations on structures and vehicles.

“We are very satisfied for having chosen the AKU brand as a partner for footwear during the filming of the program and for the daily work on mountain construction sites” stated Giovanni and Paolo Curzel. “To move safely and comfortably in certain environments you need footwear that guarantees first of all an excellent wearing comfort, a specific requirement of the AKU models and thanks to which we have also been able to appreciate a significant reduction in fatigue at the end of the working day . A feeling of comfort that also concerns the level of warmth and breathability of the shoe, two requirements that increase the sense of reliability and safety during intense use on any type of terrain.

The AKU – CURZEL collaboration represents one of the initiatives implemented by the Montebelluna shoe factory to communicate its presence in the market of professional supplies for work and safety. A sector for which the company offers a range of models that includes footwear certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) for work at height, forestry work and occupational models, as well as a wide range of footwear for security forces and for the military sector.

CRODA DFS GTX , VIAZ DFS GTX and ROCK DSF GTX are the mountaineering models worn by the Curzel team during all the filming of the program FALEGNAMI AT ALTA QUOTA, for carpentry activities on mountain construction sites.

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