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Shelter network

Responsabilità, sicurezza e impatto ambientale

topics that are very sensitive to refugee workers, who are on the front line managing the growing flow of new enthusiasts who are looking for a place to escape and rediscover their relationship with nature in the mountains, perhaps with a pinch of adventure.

  • V Alpini Refuge | Val Zebrù (SO)

    The Quinto Alpini refuge is located in Val Zebrù, in the municipality of Valfurva (SO) in the Rhaetian Alps, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park.

  • Antermoia Refuge | Catinaccio (TN)

    The refuge dates back to 1911, when the Fassa Section of the DÖAV
    decided to build a small alpine shelter for crossings and ascents of the innermost area of ​​the Catinaccio on the banks of the small lake in the Vallone d'Antermoia.

  • Maddalene Refuge | Rumo (TN)

    If you are looking for large mountain pastures, uncontaminated landscapes and want to immerse yourself in nature you can do so at the Maddalene refuge or Val malga (1925 metres) in the heart of the Maddalene chain in Val di Non.

  • Comelle Hut | Agordino (BL)

    The Cima Comelle hut is located at the head of the Val di Gares in a meadow basin full of pastures and woods in the heart of the Agordine Dolomites.

  • Rosetta Station | San Martino (TN)

    Adjacent to the mountain station of the Rosetta cable car, it is among the best starting points for all excursions and climbs on the Pale di San Martino, in summer and winter.

  • Bruno Boz Refuge | Feltrine Alps (BL)

    Located in the eastern sector of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, it is a starting point for excursions in the Cimónega and Vette Feltrine Dolomite group.

  • Giorgio Dal Piaz | Feltrine Alps (BL)

    Located in the Vette Feltrine, at the western end of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, it is a wonderful balcony overlooking the Feltrina valley, a stone's throw from the Busa delle Vette.

  • Vederna Refuge | Primiero (TN)

    Located on Alpe Vederna, on the northern slopes of the Vette
    Feltrine, the valley appears like a scattered village, with the small
    refuge open in summer, the small church, the vegetable gardens, a place that still retains traces of rural Alpine life.

  • Caldenave Refuge | Lagorai (TN)

    it is located in Lagorai, in the granite subgroup of Cima d'Asta – Cime di Rava, in a beautiful valley rich in woods and water sources with
    numerous testimonies of the First World War.

  • Telegraph Refuge | Monte Baldo (VR)

    The refuge stands on a crag of Monte Telgrafo, one of the peaks of Monte Baldo, and dominates much of Lake Garda with a 360° panorama
    intercepting many mountain ranges.

  • Quintino Sella Refuge | Monviso (CN)

    The Quintino Sella refuge is located in the Po Valley in the Cottian Alps, in
    Municipality of Crissolo (CN), at 2640 m. It is located on a basin under the east face of Monviso, on a rocky promontory above Lago Grande di Viso.

  • Rifugio Duca Degli Abruzzi | Tuscan-Emilian Apennines (MO)

    The Duca degli Abruzzi refuge is located on the Apennine ridge that marks the border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, more precisely on the shores of Lake Scaffaiolo.

  • Campomuletto refuge | Asiago plateau (VI)

    The Campomuletto Refuge is a pearl set in the greenery of fir and beech trees, where you can find the opportunity to relax in harmony with nature.