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We don't want to think that those who buy our products are consumers of goods. We like to believe that he is the conscious user of an authentic and functional product. An ethically correct product, an expression of a concrete value destined to last over time.

AKU is an Italian company born in Montebelluna, in the heart of the Italian sports footwear district, specialized in the production of high quality outdoor, professional and hunting footwear. Two owned production units in Italy and Romania. Global distribution across Europe, North America and Asia for a total of over 50 markets.

A business project that has always been oriented towards the search for production solutions capable of combining the legendary Italian manufacturing and stylistic tradition with the most advanced innovative solutions for product reliability and comfort.

We feel part of a single ecosystem, social and environmental. We feel responsible for its balance.

Attention has always been paid, in particular, to the durability of the product, an essential prerequisite for reducing its environmental impact, combined with a constant commitment towards the definition of a production standard and relationship with the environment based on the founding principle of responsible action.

The sure step, strong hands, frees the mind and cheerful heart.

A free but aware, dynamic but responsible spirit. Mountaineering, long treks, slow and fast hiking, hard work but in complete safety. We are enthusiastic and determined for every type of experience in contact with nature. Just like you.