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Convenzione AKU per militari e professionisti


AKU Pro is a membership program for qualified professionals involved in the protection of people and nature. Providing footwear suitable for mountain rescue and protection activities is a commitment that AKU undertakes.

Our professional product collection is created specifically for each different activity, designed to tackle all types of environments: urban, desert, wet, multiterrain, alpine and to ensure high quality construction and long life in the field. We work extensively with guides , rescue teams and special forces to create and validate footwear suitable for critical activities in extreme environments and situations.

Registration for AKU Pro and the consequent provision of the discount on the purchase of footwear occurs only after submitting the application using the form on this page and after having shown the relevant documentation. It is not automatically guaranteed and can be revoked at any time.

The latest collaborations from AKU

  • Eagles of St. Martin

    The historic group of Trentino mountain guides chooses AKU 's range of mountaineering products as footwear for their activity in the Dolomites. A collaboration that confirms the interest in the AKU brand by the best professionals working in the mountains .

  • CNSAS Venetien

    The collaboration with the instructors of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps of Veneto provides for the exclusive use of the AKU Rock DFS GTX , Croda DFS GTX and Viaz DFS GTX mountaineering models by the 24 instructors who make up the technical school.

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