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Maurizio Papucci


Professional photographer since 1989, registered as a journalist since 1993, he has made numerous trips abroad and related reportages. In 2017 he published the photographic volume APUANE for the Eclettica publishing house, 110 black and white photographs of the Apuan Alps.

He has frequented the mountains since 1980, he is a CAI member of the Massa section where he was a mountaineering instructor and a member of the CNSAS National Alpine Rescue Corps . A profound connoisseur of the Apuan Alps , he has traveled all the paths and climbed all the peaks several times, even with the repetition of numerous mountaineering routes: from the north of Pizzo D'Uccello, to the ridge of Alto di Sella, both in summer and winter, including the winter crossing from north to south of the Apuan Alps.

He has made numerous ascents in the Alps, in particular the western ones (Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Dente del Gigante, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Castore, Pollux) and various climbs in the Dolomites. Several treks in Nepal, Tibet and Morocco, Atlas chain, he climbed four peaks over 4000 meters.

He is a hiking guide , organizes photographic (and non-photographic) treks both in the Apuan Alps and in the Apennines, with the “Obiettivo Trekking” brand.

“I thank the people I go to the mountains with for all the sensations they transmit to me. Their satisfaction at having reached a much desired summit is the most beautiful thing they can receive from visiting the mountains.”