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Martina Pavoni

Environmental hiking guide

Going back to the origins to find a balance with Nature.

Martina was born and raised in the Bolognese Apennines , she moved to the city for her university studies: from Bologna to Ferrara to London and then returned to her origins.
After experiencing the life of an international metropolis , she could not silence the call of the forests that led her to her roots.
She currently lives in a small village of less than 2000 souls in the Bolognese Apennines, a place where she is able to be inspired by the nature that surrounds her.
Always passionate about new ideas and new projects, she thinks one and does 10. She would need 48 hours a day to be able to do everything she wants!
It deals with sustainable lifestyles both through dissemination but above all through the example and putting into practice its ecological ethics. It is possible to find out more about Martina's responsible choices through her Instagram profile " " and that of "Rete Zero Waste", an Italian reality that deals with information related to the issues of waste reduction .
Being in contact with Nature is a great passion, as well as a profession. A profession, that of Environmental Hiking Guide , with which he aims to bring more and more people closer to a lifestyle that is respectful and aware of the balance of what surrounds us . It carries out environmental education activities with children in schools and various types of excursions with adults in collaboration with cooperatives and guide associations.

“Sometimes the path towards more sustainable lifestyles seems difficult to us. But we must not give up! The actions we take today will have an impact for years to come.”