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Lorenzo Cerri

Alpine Guide

I am Lorenzo Cerri , I practice the profession of Alpine Guide with passion, trying to propose itineraries that are different from the usual crowded destinations.
My great passion is adventure, the search for the still wild aspects of the mountains and the Earth and this leads me to share the love of discovery with my clients. I have always wanted to travel and get to know other territories, other peaks and walls, to break the tourist mold.
Despite the strong attraction for foreign countries, my favorite places are undoubtedly close to home, in the lesser-known Dolomites such as the San Lucano area and Monte Agner (BL). Moving to the Alps I cannot fail to mention the walls of the Italian side of Mont Blanc : environments where I grew up as a mountaineer and climber.
When I started frequenting these places I wasn't aware of what it meant to hang at dizzying heights above the ground. Now the aspect that attracts me most is the exposure, the vertigo you can feel on the big walls and in the high mountains. The emotions I experienced during the speed climbs to the Central Pylon of Freney or climbing the large Pale di San Lucano, where there is no possibility of returning or requesting help, are indelible and suggest to me what to look for in the mountains.
I want to be in those places where we are still guests , where anthropization has not made an ascension just a medal to pin to the chest. Crossing these austere environments requires constant attention and great respect for the mountain and for those who live there.
Today I love searching for these places and emotions abroad: in Eastern Europe for new ski mountaineering itineraries and discovering the mountains of Patagonia with its still unexplored lines.

“The aspect that attracts me most is the exposure , the vertigo you can feel on the big walls and in the high mountains”