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Jacob Balzani Lööv

Photographer - Journalist

The curiosity of a photographer

With Jacob Balzani Lööv AKU opens up to a new type of collaborations. Jacob is an Italian-Swedish photographer obsessed with stories of people intimately linked to a particular place, be it a disputed territory or a tropical jungle. Although passionate about the outdoors, Jacob's main focus is on documentary photography , a job that takes him to different environments, not only natural ones, but often to those theaters of clashes where human events of global importance are underway. His approach is on foot: he believes that to connect to a place you have to measure it in steps. Jacob lives between Milan and Monte Rosa, on Lake Maggiore when he is not traveling the world trying to document it with writing and photography. Curious about the multiple relationships between man and the environment, Jacob has recently rediscovered his father's places in the Swedish highlands and has learned to feel a bit at home there too. These are his starting points for exploring his personal connection to the landscape. The partnership with AKU was born when our ambassador was looking for comfortable footwear that he could use all day, in all conditions and situations: from a run in Palestine to a picnic in Wales or for a relaxing afternoon in Venice. Thus Jacob discovers the Bellamont III NBK GTX , inspired by the best mountain footwear but with an elegant and trendy look.

“It is more important for a photographer to have good shoes than a good camera”

Sebastiao Salgado