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Ivan Peri

Mountaineer - Explorer

The mountains experienced with freedom and responsibility

How long and how many pairs of Superalps do you need to cross the entire Alpine range? From Montecarlo to Trieste it is approximately 2000 km, the difference in altitude is countless, but just a couple of AKU Superalp is enough: effective, comfortable and safe for long-distance walks.
We know all this thanks to our ambassador Ivan Peri who in 2014 made the dream of a boy from Livigno, born and raised in the mountains and who made the mountains at home his work and passion, come true. That boy has come a long way, not only in a metaphorical sense, since he set out with his father on his first excursions out of the front door. He achieved it by climbing many of the 4000 meters of the Alps , also deciding that the mountains are also responsibility, thus becoming a volunteer of the Alpine Rescue and president of the "atypical" (Ivan's words) CAI section of Livigno . His commitment to the mountains does not stop here: Ivan is also a glaciological operator for the Lombard Glaciological Service, with the task of periodically monitoring our "suffering" Alpine glaciers.

In winter , ski and telemark instructor , and hiking guide in summer, for Ivan the mountains are a friend who must always be respected following the criteria of ecology and eco-sustainability. With these values ​​he hosts in his small B&B ECOHOTEL Chalet des Alpes in Livigno those who want to experience an experience of freedom and connection with nature, seeing the High Lands from another perspective, broader and therefore more aware.

“The years spent away from the mountains have made me increasingly fond of the freedom I find in nature activities.”