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"I grew up looking at the mountains on the horizon, imagined them, walked them and finally climbed them. They became school and university."

Fabio is a boy who grew up in the middle of the Cremonese plain. He discovers mountains from the stories because they were too distant to reach as a boy. Much easier to visit them with the imagination on clearer days when the profiles are drawn far away on the horizon. He grew up over the years as a hiker, often making long solo traverses, from the Dolomites to Adamello to the nearest Orobian Alps. It was only later that he fell in love with verticality, when he started climbing with a friend during university, and climbed the first routes, the fears, the satisfactions; he discovered dry tooling and climbing on rock and ice, gaining great satisfaction and even participating in a European Ice Climbing competition. Today he has succeeded in realising a dream that seemed as distant as the mountain profiles as a boy: Fabio will become an Alpine Guide and a Medium Mountain Guide from 2023. He alternates between mountain outings and studying with his work as a guide, which he documents on his social channels: YouTube and Instagram. AKU footwear accompanies Fabio in all his mountain explorations thanks to their variety of models and styles: fast hiking, approach and mountaineering. For every need a model that responds to the needs of the terrain.

"The knowledge of being valued by a company that, like a big family, believes in each of its employees. A company that is willing to enhance our dreams with its experience."