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Dolomiti Beat

Medium mountain guides

The mountain as a second home: a safe refuge with uncontaminated landscapes

Dolomiti Beat is a project born from a strong passion for nature and for the territory of the Dolomites and Veneto.
Andrea, Leonardo and Giorgio grew up in the provinces of Belluno and Treviso, places where they feel at home and where they accompany those who want to get to know these magnificent territories. A few years ago, the uniqueness of these landscapes and environments was also sanctioned by UNESCO recognition: the Dolomites and the Prosecco hills became a world heritage site. An extra incentive for a group of friends who decide to study as Medium Mountain Guides with the desire to offer a safe exploration experience.

A varied team with which it is possible not only to hike, but also to cycle or e-bike, and even to canyoning for those who wish to try a new practice. Dolomiti Beat intends to use the outdoor environment not only for recreation but also as a place and situation to create groups and interaction between participants by offering team building experiences or guided tours for school groups and youth groups. Together with AKU, they believe in the values of responsible discovery of natural environments, safely and with passion. In the desire to ensure that life in the open air is not just a parenthesis of a day, but a lifestyle that can integrate with our daily lives.

“We have a great desire to realise: to make our territory known and to bring people to enjoy the mountains safely.”