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Danilo Genovina

The mountain as a personal trainer

We could play the game of stickers: I don't, I don't, I don't! Instead of using immobile figures, let's try moving figures, let's try sporting activity. Better if outdoors, or rather: outdoor is better .

Hiking, Nordic walking, fast hiking, trail running. Let's now move on to the snowy panoramas: ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing. Let's not forget mountain biking and cycling in general (better if the gradients exceed 8%). Under 'missing' Danilo should mark a 0, in the sense that he practices all of these activities in contact with nature. A lowest common denominator? The mountain.

Since he was a child, Danilo didn't like flat things, whether they were territories or days. He found the combination of verticality and vitality in the mountains: a place that offers infinite different emotions . The most intense ones are those that are preceded by the effort, a lot of it, which is necessary to overcome one's limits, training every day but in an environment that offers fantastic views. If training takes us to the top of a hill or a mountain then in addition to the sensations of a trained body there is also the satisfaction of the spirit. In this way, according to our ambassador, a good psycho-physical balance can be achieved.

To better explain these sensations, Danilo has a secret that he wants to share: going out into nature and experiencing with legs and heart the emotions that the mountain gives every day to those who frequent it.

“I will never get tired of the emotions that the mountains can convey.”