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Alessandro Franza

Medium mountain guide

Alessandro was born near the beaches of Maiori, Amalfi and Positano: not exactly the image of the mountains.
Yet his spirit was born wild and turned towards the Lattari mountains that overlooked him. Having put on his boots, he headed towards those heights and, after having climbed them, descended to the sea.

The desire to stay away from the city leads him to study forestry science, to measure trees and look for traces of small (or large) wild animals. One day he finds himself in Abruzzo, in the National Park , and understands that his roots can grow and expand there: a new home.
The desire and passion for those new places led Alessandro to become a voluntary guide and then to specialize, in 2015, entering the Abruzzo Alpine Guide College as a Medium Mountain Guide.

Jamme ”?! It is the exhortation to overcome the small obstacles of every day, betraying the origins of those who made it their association! With “Jamme” Alessandro realizes his way of being a guide, offering personalized excursions to ensure that everyone can live the richest and most pleasant experience.

“More than anything else I believe it is important to cultivate the ability to observe …”