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The design of the sole

The sole must copy the anatomical and helical shape of the bottom of the AKU lasts, in order to support and enhance their anatomical and dynamic characteristics.
Other aspects to pay attention to are: the reliability which must be consistent with the use for which the shoe was designed and with a view to minimal waste of material and the search for simplicity of interface/assembly between the sole and the other components of the shoe.

  • The Megagrip compound

    A special compound designed by Vibram® to offer excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. This compound today represents the highest standard in field performance for Vibram compounds dedicated to outdoor and sports footwear. A perfect mix of grip and durability , Megagrip expresses an excellent balance between stability and flexibility on any type of terrain. AKU adopts the Megagrip compound on some of its highest technical performance models.

  • Arctic Grip

    Vibram Arctic Grip is the most advanced Vibram system to guarantee grip even during the winter season. Specifically designed for slippery and icy surfaces.

  • Vibram N-OIL

    The Vibram N-OIL compound is another innovative solution from Vibram®, designed to offer a green alternative in the world of footwear .
    Made with over 90% natural ingredients , while maintaining the performance and qualities of Vibram. Furthermore, the creation of this compound occurs without the use of solvents or chemical products.
    A step forward made by AKU and Vibram® in the constant search for innovations and high-performance and responsible products. AKU adopts the N-OIL compound on some of its environmentally responsible models.

  • Traction Jul

    New design focused on the key element of traction. Vibram® has developed the tread with micro fin-shaped characteristics (lug), increasing the contact surface with the ground by 50%. Vibram® thus guarantees up to 25% better traction and better stability during use.
    AKU has decided to use this technology in footwear that requires high performance and better grip especially when pushing.


  • Mountain

    Mountain soles are characterized by:

    • particular resistance to abrasion
    • an accentuated sculpting
    • the background design with a number
    • greater than empty spaces
    • the particular heaviness and thickness
    • fewer elements from which they are composed
  • Trekking

    Trekking soles feature:

    • appropriate abrasion resistance
    • shock absorbing capacity,
      particularly in the heel area
    • an accentuated, characterized sculpting
      by a correct height of the caps
    • bottom design which includes empty areas for cleaning the bottom
    • an attention to lightness
    • a design that allows bending
      and boot protection
  • Multiterrain

    Multiterrain soles have common characteristics:

    • particular resistance to abrasion
    • shock absorbing capacity
    • an accentuated, characterized sculpting
      by a reduced height of the caps
    • the design of the bottom that supports the correct flexion of the foot
    • remarkable lightness
    • a greater number of elements
      from which they are composed