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Santi Padros

"My mountaineering? As simple as a smile, to share with my partner, my friends and my clients."

“Mountaineering as a means of being in the mountains, as a form of thought and life, as simple as a smile, to share with my partner, with my friends and with my clients”.
This is the thought of Santi Padros, a Spanish mountain guide who has chosen to live in the Dolomites of Val di Zoldo.

His life as a mountaineer began at the age of 15 and until he was 20 he dedicated himself mainly to ski mountaineering, ice climbing and canyoning in the Pyrenees. After the age of twenty his horizons broadened, first towards Europe, with mountaineering on classic difficulties and with ski mountaineering, and then in 2003, thanks to a trip to Yosemite lasting a few months, his life changed radically. In 2006 he became a mountain guide, he decided to move to live in the Val di Zoldo and here he dedicated himself with ever greater commitment and passion to ice climbing.

In Santi's mountaineering career, to date, there have been four expeditions in the Himalayas with four new routes opened in Nepal (Karyolung 6511 m, Kang Nachugo 6735 m and on the West Face of Ama Dablam), four expeditions in Patagonia with two new ascents in Cerro Adela (Cerro Torre group), a solo expedition on the Cordillera Blanca in Peru where she completed two new extreme skiing descents. He has traveled in Oman and Morocco, climbed on Reunion Island, in Greece and the USA, in New Zealand and in Kyrgystan on ski mountaineering.

In addition to his activities as an Alpine Guide and Canyoning, which he carries out in Italy and abroad, he is an instructor of Canyoning Guides in Italy and collaborates as a guide instructor in Spanish schools where Alpine Guides, Guides and Canyoning Guides are trained. .

“I walk, I climb, I ski, I go canyoning, with those who want me to accompany them and with all the people I like their company”

Santi Padrós collaborates with AKU as a product tester.