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Peppe Tripodi

A dream life between the sea and the mountains

On the identity document it says Giuseppe but if you happen to find yourself in Palmi , in the province of Reggio Calabria , you will have to ask for Peppe.

Turn your back on the sea and continue for about 7km, don't forget to turn around as you walk slowly along the path, the view of the Mediterranean Sea will leave you breathless. You will find Peppe outdoors, tending the olive grove from which he produces excellent oil. You will still be able to hear the sound of the waves but Peppe will tell you about Aspromonte , only 40 km separate us from its 2000 meter peaks.

The encounter with the mountain was crucial, a love born alone and which then pushed him to want to share with others the effort of the summit and the satisfaction of the goal achieved.

Peppe, twenty years ago, attended the guide course and obtained the diploma of Environmental Hiking Guide , " the most beautiful job in the world " because you can give smiles and emotions.

It is active throughout the Mediterranean basin, moving to the Gargano and Salento areas, accompanying those who want to discover these wonderful places by taking the time to get to know them thoroughly. In Aspromonte it organizes trekking with views of the Aeolian islands and the two active volcanoes Etna and Stromboli. A beautiful contrast snowshoeing on the snow while you can see the red flashes of the incandescent lava in the distance.

The call of the mountains led Peppe to the Alps: Marmolada and Monte Rosa are two of the various excursions that he organized together with the CAI Aspromonte section of which he is a member.