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Fulvia Girardi

Serenity is made of small things: the air that smells good, the fireplace that smokes, a beautiful song and a few deep breaths

Fulvia is an Environmental Hiking Guide and Accompagnateur en Moyenne Montagne, with a state diploma issued by the Ministère des Sports in France.

She was born and lives in Acceglio, a town of 20 inhabitants in Valle Maira and continues to live there because she says that: "life is marked by slow rhythms, far from the frenzy and excesses of the cities, the seasons really feel like they pass and human relationships are still authentic."

He carries out his work as a guide mainly in the mountains of his home, making people discover the naturalistic, historical and cultural beauties of the Maira Valley, both in summer with excursions or trekking and in winter with snowshoes. During the summer season he also accompanies groups in other regions, such as the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Sicily, on the Mont Blanc tour and in Queyras.

Fulvia Girardi collaborates with AKU as a product tester.