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AKU Ambassador

Camilla Reggio

Mountaineer & Climber

My name is Camilla and I am a PhD student in Bioengineering , but I dedicate every moment of my free time to the mountains . There isn't a weekend or holiday that I don't climb , explore or ski . For me mountaineering is many things: one day pure adventure , the other a challenge with oneself and finally there are those moments of joy in which the mountain unites and I have fun with my friends. And when these three facts intertwine then I have reached the pinnacle of happiness and I feel like myself. In April 2023 I joined the CAI Eagle Team , a group of young talents who were selected for a 6-week training course with the aim of an expedition to Patagonia in February 2025. Being among the chosen made me given a further motivational boost and desire to improve, not to mention that I'm bonding with 14 other very strong guys. Together we are learning from the best mountaineers in Italy, such as Matteo Della Bordella , Ezio Marlier and many others. We compare notes, we climb together and every training week we experience at least one memorable adventure, such as the Feri Ultra route to the Luigi Amedeo peak or the opening of a new route in Valsavaranche.

Now I feel that the future is an open door, new opportunities and experiences are always on the agenda and I feel very excited today to be able to give my contribution to brands like AKU.

Mountaineering and climbing marked a turning point in my life, I started at 20 and since then it has been an ever-growing passion. I had to fight to get my own space, work and study to be able to afford the equipment and various outings. But the sacrifices paid off and I think I gained respect and trust from my climbing friends.

"Looking back I see a motivated and spirited me, happy and carefree, ready to get up and change course if something doesn't go right"