Sergio Pezzoli

Discover the mountain in all its aspects

Sergio lives in a small town in the middle Val Seriana .
With the Orobie Alps , his home mountains, he has established a special relationship, an affinity that has allowed him to discover not only a territory but also himself.
Precisely this profound bond pushed him to become a Medium Mountain Guide in 2009. In 2011 he completed the international UIMLA path, becoming International Mountain Leader and since 2019 he has been guide of the Orobie Valtellinesi Park.

The peaks of Val Seriana introduced him to the high lands, pushing him to travel the entire range of the Western, Central and Swiss Alps , counting the ascent of more than twenty peaks above 4000 metres. A discovery not only of places but also of climates, Sergio lives the mountains all year round, in the summer with trekking and mountaineering climbs while in the winter season with ski mountaineering and snowboarding .

Sergio has made the mountains a real philosophy of life. Groups or individuals, adults or children, those who are accompanied not only walk in the mountains but with the mountains . The experience that our ambassador wants to give is immersive, thanks to the stories and explanations you understand where you are, establishing an emotional bond with the unique places of the Alps. A journey that is also introspection to rediscover oneself or find a new part of us.

“Only when you immerse yourself in the mountain itself, establishing contact with it, will you understand how big it is.”