Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the shoe

  • Treatment

    • After use, always remove traces of dust, mud and dirt with a soft brush when the shoe is dry. For more stubborn dirt, use a cloth moistened with cold water.
    • Never use solvents, aggressive chemical products or brushes that are too hard : you could irreparably damage the leather and plastic parts.
    • Do not wash in the washing machine and do not use pressure washers , very high temperatures and pressures could cause damage to some components of the shoe.
    • The boots must be dried naturally in a dry and well-ventilated place , away from direct heat sources such as radiators, stoves or direct sunlight.
    • Regularly apply a specific reviving nourishing cream for footwear to the leather uppers to keep them always soft.
    • Periodically use a specific protective spray to ensure the water repellency of leather and fabrics.
  • Maintenance

    • Do not store your boots in plastic bags or airtight containers when not in use.
    • Carefully store the boots in a cardboard box, in places with good ventilation, without temperature changes and away from heat sources , in order to preserve the original shape and softness of the leather and fabrics. Particularly humid places could alter the functional characteristics of leather, soles and accessory components.
    • It is advisable to remove any internal parts (shoes and insoles) in case of prolonged disuse.
    • When storing the shoes it is advisable to fill them by inserting newspaper inside them in order to preserve their original shape, and fasten them up to the upper hooks.