Paolina Scalisi

In her excursions Paolina shares her love for her land with her companions.

Paolina Scalisi has been an environmental hiking guide since 2015.
Graduated in tourism, she also studied foreign languages ​​and literature. In order to provide her travel companions with an ever new experience, Paolina continues to train in everything that concerns nature and its scientific aspects .

She lives and works mainly in her homeland, Sicily , which she loves deeply and which never ceases to surprise her. Even though she knows the island very well, on every excursion she finds something new and gets excited by a sight, a smell or a taste. Her tours are also a continuous discovery for her thanks to the wealth of unique peculiarities of Sicily: smaller islands, volcanoes, mountains, parks and reserves ... a concentration of everything.
Those who don't know Sicily don't expect it, and it is precisely for this reason that he loves his job: showing, telling and making people enjoy this incredible land .

The best way to immerse yourself in the Sicilian atmosphere is through slow sharing with the spaces that embrace us, on foot, calmly, for an experience that will hardly be forgotten.
He is freelance and collaborates with both Italian and foreign travel agencies and tour operators.

Her love for travel and natural spaces led Paolina to become interested in and get to know all of Southern Italy. After years of exploration on the continent he now leads weekly treks and tours in southern Italy : Sicily, Campania, Puglia and the smaller islands.
Since 2021 he has obtained the important recognition of official guide of the Pantelleria Island National Park , a small island in the extreme south of Italy, a gem of views and flavors in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

“There's no point beating around the bush: I have the best job in the world!”