Nerinka Quadrelli

A harmonious combination of physical form and spirit.

When a person dedicates a lot of their time to searching for meaning, the "sense" of things, and believes that it is easier to find it when you are above 1000 meters above sea level, then physical fitness also comes as a consequence.

Our ambassador Nerinka approaches the mountains as a personal trainer specialized in athletic training in the mountaineering field and then obtains a license as an Environmental Hiking Guide .
Now he takes care of accompanying those who want to know the environmental heritage of his valley, the Val d'Ayas in the Aosta Valley , combining discovery with sport and outdoor activities. Nerinka tries to trace new naturalistic paths for all seasons of the year, far from the noise of the city and where human beings can find their dimension, especially internal.

In addition to being an Environmental Guide, Nerinka is also a Mining Guide in some regional mining parks in the Aosta Valley: a life turned upside down as she likes to define it.

The desire to create an increasingly complete experience in the mountains of her valley leads our ambassador to get to know these places more and more; here it is still possible to afford the luxury of disconnecting from speed and technology , completely immersing yourself in the silence and peace of a blue sky lying on green meadows or enjoying the sun reflected by the immaculate snow cover.

“I became a guide because for me the mountains are stronger than any other ambition.”