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AKU Ambassador

Roberto Calcagno

Hiking Guide

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” We attribute this phrase to Confucius. We use it so much, we abuse it sometimes, so as to empty it of its meaning. We will therefore not use it but we will tell you the story of a telecommunications engineer who found a way to change his job and therefore his life.
Roberto Calcagno concludes what was "plan B" in 2010 by completing the Naturalistic Guide course which makes him happy. His passion was and still is nature and in particular the mountains. Almost as a joke he creates a site that is successful, but above all it is the pleasure in taking other people to the mountains, through the woods, paths and rocks that pushes him to continue, to persevere in the idea of ​​not wanting to work a single day in his life. In reality, experiencing the mountains as a Naturalistic Guide is a very demanding and difficult job . Accompanying hikers involves responsibility and requires a lot of knowledge, you learn to know sides of natural environments that you had never taken into consideration before. There remains an underlying strong attraction for the outdoors and if the work of driving is done with a playful and light spirit then it also becomes, or above all, a pleasure.
The call for nature leads him to want to renovate a farmhouse, in the lower Val Susa, where he can host other researchers, like him, seeking contact with agriculture, with plants, seeking immersion in a more alive environment. Researchers like all of us of a more natural lifestyle based on our passions and not on constraints.

“In natural environments you can share experiences with a light and playful spirit.”