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AKU Ambassador

Marcus Cocytus

Mountaineer & Climber

I have always defined myself as a sportsman : since I was a child I began to appreciate the mountains thanks to my parents who often took me for walks. At the age of 10, thanks to the father of a friend, I started taking part in some outings with the youth mountaineering of the CAI of Alba . He was the person who brought me closer to the world of mountaineering.
Then I met peers who, like me, were mountain enthusiasts. Together we lived unforgettable experiences and they are still my adventure companions today. The memories I have with them have two constants: the mountain in the background and the fact of always being able to count on solid company. I believe that the mountain with its values ​​of sharing, trust, respect and mutual support has been a great source of teaching for all of us. Over time I began to dedicate myself to rock and ice climbing, ski mountaineering and mountaineering and this underlines the fact that in my life, as well as in my passion for the mountains, I have always set myself objectives to reach. A recognition of my dedication came with the entry as an aspiring member of the CAAI , Academic Alpine Club. In 2023 I joined the CAI Eagle Team project, conceived by the Italian Alpine Club and the Academic Club together with the famous climber Matteo Della Bordella. The goal is to join the shortlist of six finalists who will participate in an international expedition to Patagonia in 2024.
Curiosity, the desire to test myself and improve myself always provide me with the incentive to want to explore distant places and complete challenging climbs that few people manage to complete.

“I believe that the mountain with its values ​​of sharing , trust , respect and mutual support has been a great source of teaching for everyone”